Deer Management Plan

Further information on all aspects of deer management can be found in the Deer Management Plan.

The purpose of the Deer Management Plan

The overall purpose of the Deer Management Plan is to provide:

  • An agreed framework for  the management of wild deer and habitat improvement in the area covered by the Group;
  • An agreed set of actions to deliver the public interest associated with sustainable deer management;
  • An agreed pattern of arrangements to ensure that the actions are implemented and their effectiveness monitored.

Deer Management Plan Structure

The DMP consists of three main parts:

  • Part 1: Deer Management Plan Information. This sets out background information and details the Public Interest relating to Deer Management in the local area. Information on individual management units is also contained here.
  • Part 2: Group Operation. This part contains information relating to the Operation and Functioning of the DMG.
  • Part 3: The Working Plan. The Working Plan sets out the most up to date information on culls, counts and population targets as well as specific actions the Deer Management Group will undertake throughout the life of the plan. The Working Plan will be reviewed at least annually, with a systematic review of the whole plan taking place at the end of the five year period..

The Deer Management Plan (2016 to 2021) has now been adopted by the Group. Should you wish to comment on the DMP please send comments to the Plan Consultant Dr Linzi Seivwright at

Should you require any further information about the group, please contact the Group Secretary Seamus MacNally (email: